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The last decade has seen many advancements in
enviro-friendly trucking

CanAmex and our industry in general, have taken measures to significantly decrease our carbon footprint. A combination of greater awareness and advancements in technology have served to make us a “greener industry”.

Organizations like SmartWay and CARB (California Air Resources Board) have served as champions for cleaner air in the trucking industry. We have qualified to participate in both programs.

It comes down to common sense trucking and
realizing everything matters

The biggest single factor in reducing emissions is to decrease fuel consumption. Governing speed limits, no idle policies, generators that allow parked trucks to have power without the engine running, side skirts, super single tires, proper tire pressure, automatic transmissions, driver training and more recently alternative fuels…at CanAmex, we do our part. We Can Truck Green!

Green trucking

"The biggest single factor in reducing emissions is to decrease fuel consumption"

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