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The current trend is to outsource your yard operations
and shunting services

It takes highly skilled and efficient drivers to keep your yard operations running smoothly. There are many reasons to outsource this specialized operation to CanAmex. These include:

  • Alleviate human resource headaches including hiring, sickness, absenteeism and workers compensation
  • Free up investment capital for your core business
  • Leave shunt truck purchase and maintenance to us
  • Take advantage of our highly-skilled driving force

What are you passionate about?
What do you do better than anyone else?

For CanAmex, it’s everything to do with trucking. Because our approach is to discover how we can help you do your job better, it has created many new opportunities for us to expand into. Managing your yard operations or simply supplying specialized shunt trucks and qualified drivers… it’s all in a day’s work at CanAmex!

Yard operation, shunting services

"Our approach is to discover how we can help you do your job better"

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